H1Z1 Live Stream Showcases Crafting and Combat

Sony Online Entertainment’s upcoming MMO H1Z1 has been getting a number of live streams and yesterday was no different as the developer streamed the gameplay for a whole hour.

This demo focused on the game’s combat and crafting as both features are integral part for survival in H1Z1’s zombie filled universe.

Survival in H1Z1 will be very difficult if you don’t join up with other survivors and learn the recipes for crafting.

Some of the craftable items in H1Z1 are: bandages, combat knife, campfire, fuel, gates, metal bits, shed, sheet metal, spike traps, torches, wood plank and a lot more.

The main enemies in the game are zombies, who transform into killing machines at night and only way to survive is to be far away from them or make a shelter with some help from your friends.

Your basic needs are water and food, which you have to consume on the regular basis in order to stay alive.

H1Z1 is trying to outdo the games of the same genre by incorporating MMO focused engine and introducing dangerous zombie hordes, but we will see how the game compares to the likes of DayZ when it enters early access.

At the end of demo, developer teased that something new regarding H1Z1 will be coming on 6th of June.