Lionhead Reveals “Inga” From Fable Legends, Strongest Kid in the Village

Lionhead Studios has revealed its third hero “Inga” that will be the part of upcoming Xbox One exclusive Fable Legends.

The blog post introducing the character describes her as the strongest child of the village, who fought with anyone that tried to mess with her or her friends.

Every one of Inga’s friends realized that she is indeed a hero when she knocked down the biggest outlaw:

When she was older, her and a group of friends came upon a band of outlaws who were raiding the tomb of a Hero. Inga stepped up, knocked the biggest outlaw out cold and took his shield as a sweet reward for herself.

The rest of the gang ran. Witnessing this battle, Inga’s friends realised the truth, Inga was a Hero. It seemed hard to deny, for not only was there Inga’s defeat of the villains to consider, but also the fact that Bulwark (the Hero’s magical shield) had taken to her.

Check out the shield wielded by her in the images below:

The shield is named “Bulwark”, which is made of timber and brass alongside an enchantment to heal it almost suddenly after being damaged by the enemy.

She looks like an ultimate badass so one might have to be careful while messing with her.

Fable Legends starts 400 years before the events of original Fable title and it features cooperative style of gameplay, which consists of four heroes and a villain.

The heroes are sent on a quest made by villain as he decides what type of enemies you will be facing.

Hopefully, we will get more details on the game at upcoming E3.

Source: Lionhead