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Early Concept Documents For Prey 2 Leaked

It seems that Prey 2 will finally be seeing the light of the day. It’s all been really quiet when it comes to the sequel of 2K Games’ 2006 title Prey besides a little bit of news to assure fans that the game is not canceled.

Judging by the recent information leak, it seems that Prey 2 is now being developed by Arkane Studios, although Bethesda had previously denied rumors that Arkane was working on the title after Human Head Studios was removed from the project.

Just like its predecessor, the game will be a first-person shooter with RPG elements. According to the concept documents leaked, Prey 2 is code named Danielle and will be released in Q3 2016 for PS4, Xbox 360 and PC (that’s a pretty odd choice, not including Xbox One).

The game will feature a variety of enemies, including acid breathing aliens, creatures that can morph into other things as well as security bots.

Combat will involve melee and ranged weapons such as fire axes and lasers, as well as powers to control physics and gravity.

For even deeper immersion, the game will play out like a real-life scenario. Player character will get tired and has to sleep, eat food and can even fall sick. Players will be able to scavenge in order to craft various items like medicines or even weapons and armor.

The leaked documents can be seen here. None of this information is confirmed yet but it is possible we might get to hear some information during the upcoming E3 2014.