Dota 2 Immortal Items and Player Cards Released

To go with the huge increase in the prizepool and the respective stretch goal, Valve has released the Immortal Items for every compendium owner!

From the Immortal Strongboxes, you can get 9 out of the 11 Immortal Items with no chance of getting a duplicate.

You will get one box with your Compendium, and then earn an extra box for every 10 levels on your compendium. All of these items will change ability animations one the heroes.

The 9 Immortals you can obtain are: Muh Keen Gun (The Awesome Sniper Gun shown above), Mecha Boots of Travel MK III (Tinker Boots), The Lightning Orchid (Storm Spirit Mask), Fin King’s Charm (Lion Scepter), Rampant Outrage (Axe Helmet), Merry Wanderer’s Brush (Puck Tail), Yulsaria’s Glacier (Crystal Maiden Frost Hair), Sylvan Cascade (Windranger Cloak), Fluttering Mortis (Death Prophet Wings).

Every box you open gives you a chance to earn one of the two extra immortals, one of them is Kindred of the Iron Dragon (an epic Dragon Knight new Elder Form Transformation) and Helborn Grasp (a Staff for Warlock, which changes the effects of not one, not two abilities but all of them).

Because of the fans, The International 4 prizepool is still breaking records and with this release, the prizepool has seen a huge spike and it’s now really close to 8 Million Dollars!!! You can check the progress of the prizepool here.

Also the Player Cards are finally released! You can collect every single player that will be playing on The International 4, get some bragging rights and further level up your compendium for some extra rewards.

Unlike last year where each card dropped individually and after each match, there were tons of cards dropping for everyone, this year players now have a chance of receiving a card pack.

Each card pack contains five player cards to add to your collection.

Finally, WPC-Ace is reaching its conclusion, with an absolutely epic Grand Final Best of seven match between Team DK and Invictus Gaming and also a 3rd place decider between Alliance and Newbee left to be played.

All of the games will be streamed with English commentary in the Beyond the Summit TwitchTV Channel.

Be sure not to miss it!