Bungie Updates Regarding E3 Destiny Plans

In yet another weekly update, Bungie employee DeeJ talks about their plans regarding Destiny for the upcoming E3 2014. The development team seems to be hard at work along with testers to make sure the product they deliver at E3 is up to the expectations of fans.

A person can’t just go to one developer booth at E3 and hog the game, not giving a chance to others to experience the same thing. There is only a limited amount of time where you get your hands on the controller.

The guys over at Bungie are training through rigorous ‘drills in order to make sure the 20 minutes players get to experience their game are meaningful ones. The players should be able to experience what really is Destiny and what sets it apart from other shooters, without revealing too much information.

DeeJ also answered a few questions regarding the beta of the game as well as the final product.

Apparently, players will not be able to use beta codes more than once on the same console. So this means the codes are account locked rather than console locked. Even if you have multiple accounts on the same console, you will need a separate beta code for them all.

According to DeeJ, the game is not “intergalactic fashion show” so those players who focus too much on the looks of their characters might be disappointed.

The playable demo at E3 will include other areas besides Old Russia. Players will also be able to run strikes as many time as they want and there will be no weekly or monthly restrictions.

The full update can be read here.