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Watch Dogs Shell Game Guide – How To Play

In Watch Dogs, Chicago has its very own veteran thimblerig players who with their quick-hands and rapid movements will try to deceive you!

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Watch Dogs Shell Game Tips

The rules are simple, like any Shell Game out there: you put down your money to bet and tell which cup has money underneath it.

You can find these players at fixed locations scattered throughout the city. However, taking part in it is solely for fun aspect and isn’t tied to any Achievement/Trophy or 100% game completion.

Shell Game is spread across three levels and each level is unlocked after successfully winning three games on a particular level. The first few games on every level are pretty easy and you’ll be able to tell the position of the ball using your naked eye.

However, these players have a few tricks up their sleeves, which they will use at later levels to bring you down. Even at these levels, you’ll be able to tell the position using your naked eye, it’ll be quite harder.

Worry not! Aiden’s Focus Ability is there to help you out! Provided that you’ve invested enough points in Focus Boost skill, you’ll easily spot ball through shuffler’s fast hands.

However, your Focus won’t be sufficient to get you through all levels; therefore, you must drink up a drink from any local store to increase your Focus Time.

Also, don’t go on using Focus at starting stages. In addition to this, use Focus in small bursts instead of using it continuously.

Once you have completed Level 3 on any table in Chicago, you’ll be provided with 500 XP boost.

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