VoidExpanse Update Brings Story, Consequence And More

Indie PC game VoidExpanse has received a sizable update that changes a few things and adds a lot more diverse content. This mix of isometric roleplaying game (RPG) and space shooter is currently still in Alpha, after opening to the public earlier this year.

One of the main updates is the addition of a game launcher, which should make the logistics of VoidExpanse a bit simpler. Now, the launcher serves as an all-purpose hub, instead of having to manually download updates, with the addition of transferring save files.

Moreover, the free roam title now has a story as well as some dialog and a quest system. It did previously already have the basic form of this, but there should be more lore and conversation options in the update.

Characters have expanded into different areas at space stations as well, ranging from bars to science stations and so on, where there previously just really only was a canteen. Accessing different portions in the game will require certain specific goals to be met.

This also brings with it some consequence management. For instance, death now has ramifications, where it had none before. Plus, tying an allegiance to a certain faction may result in struggles elsewhere.

To help out with the added lore, the VoidExpanse update brings more skills to the progression tree. One of those can help the character persuade others.

Of course, an Alpha update wouldn’t be complete with just more general content. You’ll be able to find more weapons, a new ship, modules, adjusted loot and so on.