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Ubisoft Apologizes to Ninemsn For Watch Dogs PR Stunt Mishap

Ubisoft is highly creative when it comes to promoting their upcoming titles such as this Amazing Street Hack. One such promotion however intended in a disaster early this week and resulted in police being called to the scene.

Now Ubisoft has officially apologized to Ninemsn, the digital media company with which this prank happened.

According to Ubisoft, the delivery of their game Watch Dogs to Ninemsn didn’t go as they had intended and the company would try to avoid such mishaps in the future.

“We unreservedly apologise to Ninemsn’s staff for the mistake and for any problems caused as a result, we will take additional precautions in the future to ensure this kind of situation doesn’t happen again.” The company said in a statement.

Ubisoft had originally intended to send a copy of the game to a reporter at Ninemsn along with a cryptic message to check his voice mail. The game was locked in a black and unusual safe which when the employees tried to open started beeping.

This ultimately resulted in employees at the Ninemsn office calling the police who evacuated them from the area, opened the safe only to find out it contained a copy of Watch Dogs.

Hal Crawford, editor in chief of Ninemsn described this situation as an ill-conceived and overly creative PR stunt from Ubisoft.