Stronghold 3: The Campaigns Out Late June On iPad

After over a decade of PC success, Stronghold 3: The Campaigns is going to venture off the desktops and onto iOS devices, exclusively for iPad. It will launch on the App Store in late June 2014.

For several iterations now, the Stronghold franchise is pretty much its own genre of strategy game, viewed from an isometric perspective with highly illustrated structures as its central point.

Players are tasked with building a worthwhile castle, a little like a tower defense game, but in one central area, instead of a terrain. Not only building walls is important but also running everything that happens inside your residence, because that’s what will keep you alive.

Another important segment in the game is defending yourself from sieges. With the diligent use of castle traps, you’ll be able to assist your army to fend off any intrusive knights.

In the series, Stronghold 3: The Campaigns is one edition that takes a more 3D modeled approach to the game. It also features entire towns as its base-building element, along with quasi-Total War army structures.

Technically, this sort of management game would fit perfectly on mobile devices, but builders haven’t exactly gotten the best releases lately. A previous classic, Dungeon Keeper, fared so poorly that the developer behind it, which started in 1990, had to close its doors.

So far, it looks like Stronghold 3: The Campaigns will translate pretty well on iPad. It will be assisted by in-app purchases as well.

Fun fact: Publisher Digital Tribe Games states that the Stronghold franchise is a giant success with over 3 million copies sold, since 2001. It’s pretty stellar to see that difference between models, such as those for Square Enix and Capcom, who previously both had “failing” 3 million launch period selling projects.