Project Spark Celebrates Its Anniversary With XP and Credits Rewards

Project Spark gained a lot of attention after its announcement at last year’s E3 due to its feature that allows players’ to make their own video game worlds and play in them.

It has been in open beta since December 2013 for Xbox One and Windows 8. To show appreciation to the fans who joined Project Spark, Microsoft has decided to host two community events with one scheduled for today and other for tomorrow between 6 P.M. to 8 P.M. GMT/UTC.

As a token of appreciation, you will receive following rewards:

  • All users will earn a bonus of 5x XP and 5x credits during the event times.(Spark Premium members will receive 10x for both)
  • All marketplace purchases made during this time will be refunded back to the user in the form of Project Spark in-game credits. (Up to a limit of 40,000 credits each day)

Project Spark allows you to create games, films and other similar kind of experiences. Those who aren’t creative enough, can download the already available content and then remix it to create a variant.

There are also templates available which can be used to get an idea of how things work. After you are clear about the game, you can start from a blank map and select the tools to customize and add stuff.

Project Spark will be a part of Microsoft’s E3 conference this year and is expected to release for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows 8 this fall.

Source: Project Spark News