Phil Spencer Tweets About Upcoming Screenshot Feature For Xbox One

Microsoft is adding another voice command to Xbox One for those interested in taking screenshots (and sharing on social media sites)of some cool moments while playing games.

While the specific command hasn’t been declared yet (but it wouldn’t be a surprise if Xbox, Screenshot is the magic word) Phil Spencer confirmed on his twitter page while answering a question that it was something the team was looking into.

Given that Xbox One already allowed 720p Twitch streaming and video recording via voice commands, this is one feature which Xbox One owners really wanted to see being implemented.

How this feature will be implemented is still a mystery since now players will have the option to purchase Xbox One without Kinect which means they won’t have access to voice commands.

But hey! It was your choice for not buying the Kinect bundle. Pretty sure Microsoft will try to make it so that users with Kinect, and those without it will be able to use the feature, but don’t be surprised if taking screenshots at key moments turns out to be a hassle with the controller.

Xbox One is about to receive its June update will which include features like external storage but there is no detail yet on the July update.

It is possible that this screenshot feature gets added in that update.