New Sunset Overdrive Video Focuses On Weapon Arsenal

Insomniac Games has released a new video on the SunsetTV for their upcoming video game, Sunset Overdrive. While a previous episode of the SunsetTV promised a highlight of character customization, the video actually talks about the arsenal available to players in game.

In the words of Associate community manager Brandon Winfrey, Insomniac takes pride in the weapons they design for themselves such as the Rhino from Ratchet and Clank. The developers are always working on how to outdo themselves when it comes to department.

Well, it seems they have managed to do it this time judging by the weapons showcased in the video.

High Fidelity is the first weapon shown in action. The weapon has the ability to ricochet off of enemies resulting in massive damage to multiple enemies.

This ricochet however doesn’t always work and it is also possible that sometimes it will lodge itself in one enemy. This random nature of the weapon makes it even more exciting.

The second weapon is the TNT Teddy. The weapon lets you fire teddy bears strapped with dynamite, which explode on impact.

The weapon with its long range, deals a huge amount of damage to enemies on the impact point as well as those nearby thanks to the large explosion radius.

Brandon also answered a few questions regarding the gameplay of Sunset Overdrive. It seems the melee combat in the game is carried out by just one button, so there is no combo system, but the attacks can be customized for various effects.

Sunset Overdrive is scheduled to be released for Xbox One sometime in 2014.