New Batch of GTA Online Verified Jobs Detailed

Rockstar Games has verified another batch of jobs made through the GTA Online Creator and this one features three new Deathmatches, a Capture match and more.

Jumps ‘R’ Us – Created by Evan3737
This one takes jumping racing to a whole new level. A series of ramps lined up help racers jump between different road levels in Vinewood Hills. Most, if not all, of the ramps are placed at the end of long downhill roads to allow racers to build up speed for the necessary air time.

Baja Hangtime – Created by deejayb1874
Featuring off-road sections for off-road vehicles around the Vinewood Hills, Baja Hangtime offers a fairly long course that is filled with tricky turns and a huge jump down a hill side.

Sultans of Swing – Created by NittyDon
Those wishing to perform hairpin turns or drift around corners of dirt tracks should be ready to tackle this creation. Keep eyes peeled for a few sharp drops and inconveniently placed trees on the downhill sections.

Zancudo Outskirts – Created by kidkolumbo
In this Deathmatch eight players will be pitted against each other in the form of two teams of four. According to Rockstar, it’s the “most balanced user-created Deatmatch” so far. The short map has a lot of props littered about that help provide safe passages for players to work their way around. Players must always remain cautious of getting flanked and consider their team’s position and movement carefully. Weapon pickups entice players out of cover and into the line of fire, with the most valuable weapons in the least well covered areas. Teamwork and communication is crucial.

For the rest of the pack you can head out to the official posting on Rockstar’s blog.