League Of Legends May Champion Skin Bundles On Sale Now

Riot Games has unlocked two new skin packs for its MOBA, League of Legends.

The skin packs reflect the climate, one being for the summer heat while the other is for the people who are living in freezing temperatures on the other end of the world.

The Pool Party Bundle lets champions beat of the summer heat in cool breezy outfits. The pack is available for a 50% discount and priced at 2813 RP (5060 RP if players need the champions).

The bundle includes skins for Ziggs, Leona, Lee Sin, Renekton and Graves. For those who already own some of the skins, the bundle price will automatically adjust so that they don’t pay extra.

The Winter Warriors Bundle clads the champions in snow outfits, heavy jackets, etc. and includes skins for Janna, Singed, Sivir, Annie and Irelia.

Winter Warriors Bundle is priced at 2438RP after a 50% discount. For those who need the champions as well it will be for 3722RP. This bundle is also flexible in cost so it will auto adjust if you already own some skins.

The bundle sale will be ending on 5th June 2014 so if you want to unlock these skins, you better hurry.