India-based RPG Unrest Gets Slight Steam Release Delay

Developer Pyrodactyl Games will release its roleplaying game (RPG) Unrest on Steam on July 23, 2014. Additionally, the game has a recent trailer up that shows off some of the characters you’ll follow.

In this rural setting, we get to see a multitude of individuals. For instance, there’s a girl who has been arranged to be married, a priest troubled by his own temple or even a princess that has to go into hiding.

For those tuning in for the first time, it’s also a chance to see Unrest’s illustrated world, with hand-painted environments viewed from an isometric perspective. Its world is set in ancient India, which is also where the developer is from.

Story is a big part of Unrest. Conversations will be given a central role and consequences are said to determine the outcome, as the previously mentioned characters partake in an intertwined narrative.

While there is combat in the game, deadly force could make this a poor option to choose. It will be possible to avoid combat, almost always.

Unrest will also feature mod support. This should allow for custom stories and worlds, though Steam doesn’t show a Workshop integration just yet.

July 23 is actually a slight delay for the RPG, as it was previously already penned to release on June 26, 2014. Still, given this is a Kickstarter project and most of those get pushed back, just one month won’t make that much of a difference.

Speaking of which, Unrest did extremely well for itself during funding rounds. Out of just $3000, the game managed to receive $36000.

Previously, Pyrodactyl Games was also responsible for the game Will Fight For Food, which equally allowed for a story-driven game or action sequences, however the player saw fit. It looks like Unrest will continue this trend, though their previous project did feature a lot more punching.