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DICE May Reduce Weapon Damage in Battlefield 4 Following Netcode Tweaks

With the completion of Initiative#1, the first phase of testing done on Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment, developers are announcing their plans regarding other changes to the game.

DICE developers working closely with CTE players are now focusing towards the game’s gunplay and weapon mechanics. Following the various netcode fixes on CTE, players over there were of the view that gun fights were ending too quickly.

Well that was to be expected since bullets properly find their mark now that the tick rate has been increased on CTE.

As per community suggestions to balance weapons, developers might be looking to reduce the suppression and damage of various weapons. The main reason behind this would be to elongate the fire fights and make them fairer.

While enhanced damaged and suppression is realistic which is what sets Battlefield games apart from other FPS titles, high damage numbers, thanks to the connection tweaks, mean the fights end too soon for players to enjoy them.

A decent player can easily be ambushed by a camper and before the person has a chance to turn around, the camper would be able to finish him off.

What’s your opinion about the game’s current state of gun fights? Should the damage and suppression be reduced after the netcode improvements are implemented?

Personally, I believe the game is too easy compared to Battlefield 3 when it comes to gun fights and there is almost no suppression at all besides the sound that someone is shooting at you, so the damage numbers should stay high.

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