DayZ Mod Update 1.8.1 Brings Features Such As Blood Trail

DayZ mod for Arma II (not DayZ Standalone) was updated to version 1.8.1 recently and brings with it many notable changes as well as minor fixes.

One of the key new features being added to the game after this update is the blood trail system. Players will now be able to track other bleeding players through a trail of blood they leave behind when moving.

This is a pretty useful feature whether you are an avenging hero seeking justice for the death of your friends or the ‘Florence Nightingale’ type looking to help injured.

Other features added include increased stash site storage bonuses, an achievement system, weapon attachments and many more.

Some of the changes are listed below while the full list can be seen at the official DayZ forums.

  • Dome Tent has now been added.
  • Infectious Water Holes – Random water holes on the map are infected drinking from them will give you an instant infection. Identified by dead bodies around water holes.
  • Thirst and hunger updated to no longer be a instant fill on eating/drinking.
  • Sight and sound for zeds updated to provide a much better sneak system.

While the Standalone version of the game can easily be updated from Steam, players using the DayZ mod will have to jump through a lot of hoops downloading various files in order to be able to install this update.