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Battlefield: Hardline Opens Up Beta Registration Testing For E3 Public Showcasing

Battlefield: Hardline is the next installment in the Battlefield series, which takes on crime rather than terrorism and looks to offer more strategic options for players to turn the tide in their favor while playing cops and robbers.

A gameplay video that was released recently showed us much regarding the game’s different modes, new weapons and most of all visuals. According to Visceral Games Vice President and General Manager Steve Papoutsis though, most of what we saw is outdated. The final version is said to be much finer and sleeker.

Papoutsis also revealed that his team has been “cranking away” at the game for “several years” and that Hardline will feature “cool new weapons that play into the cops and criminal fiction.”

In addition to the modes we already know of, Visceral Games is working on new ones, including “a couple classic BF modes” as well as “a number” of new modes.

Finally Papoutsis shared that beta registration testing for Battlefield: Hardline’s E3 show floor demo begins today. Apparently the game’s development has reached the stage where it can be given to the public to try it out.

Everything looks alright from Visceral’s end. However, less we forget about the atrocious launch of its predecessor Battlefield 4, which still is giving problems for some players out there. Hopefully Visceral will have learned from DICE’s experience and will be looking forward to releasing a complete product rather than an incomplete one for consumers to test out.

Source Twitter