Riot Releases League Of Legends Inspired Song From PentaKill

Pentakill has created metal music that is directly inspired from the Riot’s flagship game, League of Legends. You can listen to the first single “lighbringer” above.

The fan following of League of Legends is huge, and that became the reason behind creating an album for the League of Legends community.

Riot describes Pentakill’s new album as “passion project created by a number of musicians within Riot as well as some professional rockers.”

The whole album of the band will be available for download on its official website on 3rd June for free, which will include following songs:

  • Lightbringer
  • Deathfire Grasp
  • Ohmwrecker
  • Last Whisper
  • The Prophecy
  • The Hex Core
  • Thornmail
  • Orb of Winter

As you can see, all the names of the songs are direct reference to the items from the League of legends except The Prophecy.

The members of the band include Pentakill Karthus, who is lead singer for the group alongside Pentakill Mordekaiser (Guitarist), Pentakill Olaf (Drummer), Pentakill Sona (Keyboardist) and Pentakill Yorick (Bass Guitarist).

With the popularity of metal music and League of Legends, there is huge possibility that this new album will do really well in the market.

What do you think of Lightbringer song? Will you be getting the whole album?