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Nvidia Responds To AMD’s Accusations About Forcing Developers To Use GameWorks

Nvidia has finally decided to respond to a statement from an AMD representative which was released this weekend.

In the statement, the AMD rep talked about how Nvidia had created somewhat of a monopoly when it came to developing games, which results in AMD users suffering.

Nvidia has declared that they have never restricted anyone from getting access as part of their agreements between game developers.

According to Nvidia’s Cem Cebenoyan, the developers are free to share their builds with whoever they want since it’s their product, and Nvidia has no control over it.

According to Cem, AMD’s claim that they cannot properly optimize drivers if it’s a title utilizing Nvidia’s GameWorks is false. The reason given for this from AMD was that Nvidia locks their source code behind licensing.

Cem stated that source code is not required to optimize a game, in fact, most developers don’t even release the source code for their games and AMD’s claim that they cannot optimize without the source code is crazy.

Regarding the recent release of Watch Dogs, another title that uses Nvidia Game Works, Cem said that Nvidia placed no restrictions on Ubisoft, and AMD was free to approach the developers with ideas on how to make the game run better on AMD products.

Nvidia’s Bryan Del Rizzo also pointed out that AMD’s claim that Nvidia hides their Direct3D Code behind a “contact us for licensing” isn’t true and the codes are available for free on the website for those who are interested.