Xbox One Getting Three New Titles From “Mages”

Tokyo based Entertainment Company “Mages” has revealed that it is working on to bring three brand new games exclusively to the Xbox One and one of them takes inspiration from Psycho-Pass, the anime.

The announcement was made yesterday on NicoNico, where it was mentioned that the upcoming Psycho-Pass game will have its own unique story with more to be revealed at E3.

Furthermore, developer also unveiled new game Mystereet F, which comes with the Mystereet remake and a brand new sequel.

Finally, an adventure game was announced as well, named Chaos; Child, which will the fourth installment in Science Adventure franchise.

Makoto Asada of Mages, said that one of the upcoming titles is being developed with the help of external studio and will not be a shoot ‘em up or a visual novel.

He also explained that he opted for the Xbox One because he had been part of its development process in early stages and likes it because of Kinect and SmartGlass app.

Previously, Microsoft had mentioned that there will be number of games coming exclusively to Xbox One made by Japanese developers to attract the Japanese community and now we have proof.

Two versions of Xbox One will be available at the console’s launch in Japan, one with Kinect sensor while the other without it.

E3 is coming up and the announcements of new titles are increasing. It will be interesting to see what Microsoft has in store for the Xbox One at E3.

What do you think of the new titles announced by Mages and its choice to stick with Xbox One?