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Limited Living Legacy Raids Return To EverQuest

If you’re still playing the massively multiplayer online (MMO) paragon EverQuest, you’ll be pleased to know that Living Legacy Raids are back for a limited time. Starting on May 28, the roleplaying game (RPG) will launch four separate events, which each stay active for two weeks.

As a neat bonus, rewards for raids are scaled towards your activity in the events. Your augments will be just as powerful as your performance in the raids.

Each event requires a minimum of six players to start off, but it goes up to 54 participants, for those who feel really bold.

Its first and second Living Legacy Raid launch simultaneously, called Marathon and Sprint respectively. You need to be at least level 80 to take a crack at this one and you’ll have time to do it until June 11, 2014.

Expect some overlap to keep you entertained as well, since the third Living Legacy Raid, called Endurance, starts on June 4 and runs until June 18, 2014. You can even participate at level 75, though that’s not much of a drop either.

Finally, starting June 11, you can witness the final Living Legacy Raid in EverQuest, titled Battle Prowess.  This will be open to players at level 75 as well and lasts until June 25, 2014.

Fun fact: EverQuest is so old, it spans back to before we counted in a second millennium. It was released in March of 1999.

You can also grab the next EverQuest project on Steam Early Access right now.