Here’s A List Of The 22 Wildstar Servers To Prep You

So, that Wildstar game sure is getting close to release. For you massively multiplayer online (MMO) game fans, it’s almost time to get cracking in its head start period, which will take off this Saturday, May 31.

Until then, you’ll maybe already want to organize your posse, to figure out where you’re going to play and what you want to focus on. To help you out, the game’s Twitter feed posted this very helpful picture that contains a list of the 22 servers that will accommodate you.

We’ll classify them for you below and give you the proper acronyms rights here: Player versus Event (PvE), Player versus Player (PvP, Roleplaying (RP).

North America

  • Avatus (PvE)
  • Caretaker (PvE)
  • Mikros (PvE)
  • Orias (PvE)
  • Stormtalon (PvE)
  • Thunderfoot (PvE)
  • Pago (PvP)
  • Pergo (PvP)
  • Widow (PvP)
  • Evindra (RP)


  • Myrcalus (PvE)


English servers :

  • Ascendancy (PvE)
  • Eko (PvE)
  • Hazak (PvP)
  • Lightspire (RP)

German servers:

  • Kazor (PvE)
  • Ikthia (PvE)
  • Progenitor (PvP)
  • Toria (RP)

French servers:

  • Stormfather (PvE)
  • Treespeaker (PvP)
  • Triton (RP)

By now this should be common knowledge, but Wildstar requires a subscription to play, tagging a price of $14.99 per month. Still, for that kind of cash you don’t only get one of the most complete MMO titles we’ve seen so far, but also one of the more technical ones.

If you hated the “click to level” mechanism of old RPGs, maybe Wildstar’s combat is for you. There’s a lot of combat as well. There’s also a lot of customization content.

There’s a lot of a lot of things in Wildstar, is what we’re saying.