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EA Offers Battlefield 3 For Free On Origin

Battlefield 3
Yet another highly successful EA title goes for free under Origin’s latest On The House promotion program. Following the recent reveal of Battlefield: Hardline, EA has made Battlefield 3 available for free on Origin.

The game, available to anyone with an Origin account, once added to the account will be available forever and can be downloaded at any time. This free promotion only includes the base game without any DLCs.

On The House offered Dead Space for free last month. Battlefield 3 is actually the second title to go free in May, the first one being Plants vs. Zombies Game of the Year Edition.

Offering such a big title for free with the possibility of a free DLC around E3 (just like Close Quarters was free during E3 2013) shows just how committed EA is to clear up the image set in gamers minds that all EA cares about is money and not the players.

With the disappointments players are facing with Battlefield 4, it would be no surprise if a lot of players return to BF3 following this recent news (even though there is still a huge number of players still playing it).

Origins users can avail this offer till 4th June 2014.