DICE Vice President Assures Fans Work On Battlefield 4 Will Continue

Following the announcement of Visceral’s upcoming Battlefield Hardline, players had begun to wonder what this meant for the buggy Battlefield 4.

Well, DICE was quick to respond to those fears and assure fans about the future of BF4.

In a Battlelog post, DICE vice president and general manager Karl Magnus assures fans that the developer wasn’t giving up on BF4.

Karl said that while DICE had been working with Visceral to bring players the core Battlefield experience with a fresh take, the company would still continue to work on BF4 and make sure it’s enjoyable for fans for the franchise.

He assured that dedicated teams in Stockholm, Uppsala and L.A. will continue to work on BF4 and resolve any issues that arrive as soon as possible. Karl also mentioned that players will soon be able to notice improvements to the game’s netcode after a new patch for this issue is released.

He also said that more features like the recently launched Squad Join and Loadout Presets will continue to roll in as per the community suggestions.

According to him, the developers fully commit themselves when creating a game, and that means they will continue to work towards their commitment even after the game launches which means that while they will continue to work with Visceral, maintaining BF4 remains their top priority.

It’s interesting to see DICE making promises about fixing their latest installment of the Battlefield franchise even when they haven’t been able to fix so many key issues involving the netcode such as the tick rate and general lagginess even after eight months of game release.