Battlefield: Hardline Leaked Video Is Six Months Old, See The Real Deal At E3

After the leak, EA officially announced Battlefield: Hardline yesterday and soon after that a seven minutes video of the game surfaced online which showcased different multiplayer modes.

General Manager of Visceral Games Steve Papoutsis wrote on his twitter that the footage which got leaked yesterday is almost six months old.

He continued on to say that he is very excited to be working on Battlefield: Hardline and can’t wait to share new gameplay details at E3.

Battlefield: Hardline pits Robbers’ against Cops and what follows is a hardcore battle of supremacy between them as robbers try to escape with the money and cops do everything to stop them.

Battlefield series has always been criticized due its non-interesting single player campaigns, but Battlefield: Hardline may change that perception with the help of Visceral Games.

In addition to a new take on single player campaign, new modes and vehicles will be added to multiplayer to make the gameplay more dynamic and interesting.

Are you looking forward to see Battlefield: Hardline at E3?