Why The Order: 1886 is 30 FPS, Ready At Dawn Director Dana Jan Explains

Ready at Dawn confirmed earlier that its upcoming third person sci-fi shooter The Order: 1886 will run at 30 frames per second on PlayStation 4.

Dana Jan, the Director at the studio defended the decision for choosing 30 FPS by saying that the studio wanted the game to look and feel like a movie.

In an interview with Kotaku, he explains the matter in detail:

60 fps is really responsive and really cool. I enjoy playing games in 60 fps. But one thing that really changes is the aesthetic of the game in 60 fps.

We’re going for this filmic look, so one thing that we knew immediately was films run at 24 fps. We’re gonna run at 30 because 24 fps does not feel good to play. So there’s one concession in terms of making it aesthetically pleasing, because it just has to feel good to play.

Moreover, Jan explained that forcing frame rate to 60 per second will turn the game into an HD sci-fi show, which doesn’t fit with their idea of getting the feel of a movie.

He continued on to talk about the game’s visuals and lightning effects because the universe of The Order: 1886 is filled with areas where candles and fires are in abundance so the developer wanted to give a realistic feel to them.

The Order: 1886 takes place in East London, which has been run over by rebels and monsters, while few heroes have taken upon themselves to save the city.

Yesterday, it was revealed that The Order: 1886 has been delayed to early 2015 because developer needed more time to polish the game.

What are your thoughts on the delay and developer’s decision to deliver the best possible experience be it in 30 FPS?