See which Teams Won the Qualifiers For Dota 2 The International

The biggest prizepool in e-sports history in the form of The International 4 now has its last teams decided!

These last 2 weeks were completely filled with action as all 41 teams in the regional qualifiers battled for the last 5 spots to fill up the 16 teams competing in Seattle for a prizepool that’s now over 7 Million Dollars!

The viewers for the qualifiers alone both on Twitch and inside the game client surpassed 160.000 people on average! First up was the American Qualifier in which Valve allowed an extra team to play in it.

The qualifier was largely dominated by a lot of teams imitating the superior North American team, Evil Geniuses, both in picks and in strategies, but ultimately failing to deliver results.

The difference between the top teams and the rest was clearly noticeable. The Grand Final was a best of 5 between the newly formed North American Rejects and the arguable favorites Team Liquid in which the former won by 3-2.

Next up was the South East Asian Qualifier which had a lot of surprises. The favorite team to win the whole thing, which was the veteran Singaporean team Scythe, completely choked and didn’t even make the top 4 into the next round.

Regardless this qualifier featured a lot of very interesting and close games which lead up to the top 4 consisting of the Malaysian team Arrow Gaming, the biggest surprise of the qualifier MVP.

Phoenix from South Korea, the team from Thailand MiTH.Trust and Mineski from the Phillipines. The teams battling in the Grand Final were Arrow and MVP, in which the Malaysian squad won 3-0.

Then came the Chinese Qualifier. A lot of people questioned LGD since their roster shuffles, but they proved every one wrong and bulldozed their way through the qualifier all the way to the Grand Final.

German player Black^ who joined team CIS, managed to get a very impressive run through the qualifier only to get crushed in the Grand Finals against a superb LGD by 3-1.

Finally the European Qualifier saw Russian team Rox.Kis not dropping a single game in the first phase while team mousesports (who was previously known as team Dog) only dropped a game against them.

In the second phase though, Virtus.Pro, a Russian team which was in a real slump lately and have been losing to a lot of teams, managed to pick up the slack and beat team Coast in the lower bracket, then Rox.Kis to go fight mousesports in the Grand Final.

The last series was really entertaining and went all the way into the distance with a 3-2 in favor of the mousesports international team. So to recap, the first placed teams that will join the 11 invited teams are:

  • From American Qualifier: North American Rejects (Brax, Sneyking, Fogged, Korok and 1437)
  • From South East Asian Qualifier: Arrow Gaming (Lance, XiangZai, ddz, MOZuN- and JoHnNy)
  • From China Qualifier: LGD Gaming (Yao, Rabbit, DD, Lin and ddc)
  • From European Qualifier: mousesports (Misery, Pajkatt, pas, FATA and MSS)

The runner-ups that will still go to Seattle but will have to compete with each other for the last spot will be: Liquid, MVP.Phoenix, CIS and Virtus.Pro

In case you missed any of the games, you can still catch all the action casted in English with some of the best commentators and pro players in the Beyond The Summit Youtube Channel.

Before The International 4 though, we still have 3 huge premier tournaments to be played! The World E-Sports Professional Classic League is currently being played in Shanghai, China and it features 8 of the best teams in the world. It can be watched live in the BTS TwitchTV channel.

A few days after that we have The Summit, hosted by the good folks at BTS and features 5 invited TI4 teams and the qualified North American Rejects.

Lastly, we will have ESL One Frankfurt 2014 which has 6 TI4 invited teams plus the qualified mousesports and one last slot remaining for an Asian qualified team!