Race To The Bottom Sees Desura Go Hard With Cheap End

Digital storefront Desura, known for the indie gateway towards Steam, has revealed a new initiative today, called Cheap End. It’s a project that will let developers fight each other in discounts to boost the attention to their games.

Cheap End events will be held during every last weekend of each month. During this time, the Desura site, as well as its download client, will plaster their display with games that are currently discounted and selling well as a result of it.

Developers will be free to choose what discount they apply to their game. In turn, Desura will update the main display each hour to reflect changes, allowing for discount updates to happen on the fly, instead of a preset price.

In a report from Gamasutra today, Desura is stated to give the following reasoning for the Cheap End initiative:

If a developer isn’t rising up the ranks fast enough and reaching the front page, they can then lower the price of their game further in a bid to get closer to being featured.

Those looking to snag some indie games will be able to do this weekend, when the first Cheap End event will start, on May 30, to be precise.

This is a clear indication that Desura is looking to the current “race to the bottom” of digital sales and it’s aggressively moving in for competition. It’s certainly a dangerous model, with fear of permanent devaluation of a product, but it’s also not the first one the store has offered.

Those following up on Desura games have probably picked up that the platform frequently offers games for free, for a limited time, to boost their profile or prepare audiences for a Steam release. Desura is also the platform of choice for all indie bundles that feature games trying to get onto Steam.