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PR Stunt For Watch Dogs Goes Horribly Wrong, Bomb Squad Called

Ubisoft’s PR stunt to get journalists psyched for Watch Dogs upon its launch went horribly wrong.

Yesterday, in Australia, a package was sent to an entertainment journalist in a newsroom at Ninemsn, which contained a suspicious letter that asked the reporter to check his voice mail and included a safe with a pin number written on it.

Upon entering the pin code written on the side, safe started beeping but didn’t open so the journalist considering it a bomb called police which in turn sent in a bomb squad to dispose off the safe.

Meanwhile, the whole office of Ninemsn was cleared out and everyone was sent home at 3 PM. The staff also checked in with other newsrooms to see if they had received the same package, but obviously, they didn’t.

The bomb squad finally arrived and managed to open the safe, only to find a copy of Watch Dogs with a baseball cap and a beanie.

Upon this event, the editor of Ninemsn Hal Crawford commented:

This is definitely the other side of the line in terms of what it’s safe for a PR company to send anonymously to a newsroom. The thing was black, heavy and slightly creepy.

So far, it is unknown who was the actual culprit behind this stunt but Ninemsn has been trying to contact Ubisoft, so we will know soon enough.

Source: Mumbrella