Nintendo Releases New Commercials For Mario Kart 8

Nintendo UK has released 2 new TV commercials for its upcoming Wii U title, Mario Kart 8. the 30 second commercials which can be seen on NintendoWiiUUK Youtube channel show people having a blast playing the upcoming racer.

The key thing which is common in both commercials is the endless hours of fun and mayhem which awaits players when playing with friends or family.

Given so many possibilities in the multiplayer, HD textures while maintaining smooth 60 fps means Nintendo went all out to bring this title for the fans, something they can enjoy alone as well as with others.

The game involves a wide variety of power ups, character abilities as well as anti-gravity racing, all to ensure players spend countless hours in this virtual racing world.

Kosuke Yabuki, director of Mario Kart 8 recently talked about the challenges the team faced in order to create a true HD multiplayer experience and focusing on the 60 fps goal they set for themselves.

Mario Kart 8 will release for Wii U on 30th May and while it takes away a few fan favorites like Bowser Jr and King Boo, it adds some new characters to the franchise as well.