Minecraft Mode To Be Included In Patch 1.1 For Goat Simulator

It’s quite common for a game to get the Minecraft treatment, but for Minecraft to be included in another game is something new, and I guess it is only possible when two extremely popular games collaborate.

Among the many new features coming to Goat Simulator in its upcoming patch 1.1 is a new option which transforms the game into a Minecraft rendition.

Coffee Stain Studios, the Swedish indie game development company behind this game which was originally meant as a joke, recently released a few screenshots of Goat Simulator, after it received the Minecraft touch.

Regarding these images, game designer Armin Ibrisagic had this to say ” Now you’ll be able to play the world’s most popular game inside the world’s best game”

Patch 1.1 for Goat Simulator is set to release June 3rd and along with this Minecraft style aesthetic option, it will bring various new features such as split screen multiplayer, goat parkour and some new goats as well.

More details about the upcoming patch can be seen here.

Goat Simulator is a simulation video game set in an open world where the main objective is to cause as much destruction as possible. The game was released for Windows in April while ports for Linux and Mac OS X are being developed.