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Microsoft Has No Intent To Sell Xbox Business

Microsoft’s newly appointed CEO Satya Nadella has made it clear that the company will not sell off Xbox business. He made this statement while speaking at the Code Conference in California.

I have no intent to do anything different with Xbox than we are doing today.

Microsoft has been under pressure from its investors who wanted the company to get rid of Xbox division due to uncertainty of the business.

Despite having its ups and downs, Xbox still is a big part of Microsoft business model and it will be a huge surprise if company decided to sell it.

This was first conference appearance of Satya Nadella after being appointed as the CEO of Microsoft earlier this year, and it is good to see that there is no ambiguity in his mind regarding the future of Xbox business.

Xbox One, Microsoft’s next-gen console is doing better than Xbox 360 with more than 5 Million units sold in just a little over five months.

Furthermore, Microsoft has been listening to the feedback given by the fans and making changes to console accordingly.

With E3 coming in just two weeks, you can expect to see some really cool games on Xbox One fall line-up to help increase the sales of the console even more.