MapleStory Celebrates 7th Anniversary With Many Events

Popular free-to-play game MapleStory is celebrating its seventh anniversary with a list of events in the game. You should be able to participate in special features in the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game now.

Events for the anniversary will last until June 11, 2014. There are instances running for both new players and all-time veterans.

For the regular players, a quest is available to aid Little Richie defeat Black Bean. When defeated, this character will drop a Chair of Black Bean, as well as some special items, scrolls and 7th anniversary coins.

Additionally, players can find Cassandra, who offers daily quests with special items to anyone over level 13. That character also grants players a 7th anniversary box that requires keys to open.

Keys can be found by targeting the special Red Monsters that have come to the Maple World and appear every three hours. Additionally, Cake and Pie monsters will spawn throughout the world as well.

With 7th anniversary coins, you can unlock special items, specifically tied to the event. These need to be traded with the Inkwell character in MapleStory.

Coins can also be collected during the Five Maple Marble Event. There, you can partake in a board game for a change of pace.

For veterans of MapleStory, the Masters Road will offer some big challenges for huge rewards. Those who reached an epic level of 200 will be able to build their own statues and take on fierce enemies for loot.

While MapleStory is seven years old for the Western crowd, the side-scrolling MMO has been around for much longer. It has been available in Korea as early as 2003 and has amassed millions of players ever since.