Flyhunter Origins From Pixar Folks Out This Summer

Developer Steel Wool Games will release their platform game, called Flyhunter Origins, this summer. It will be available for PC, PS Vita and mobile devices for both iOS and Android as well.

One of the notable points about the project is that it’s said to be in charge of some former Pixar employees. Its announcement teaser isn’t exactly up to the same quality as the animation studio, though some of its flair is still present in the goofy outlook.

Flyhunter Origins is played through the role of Zak, an alien janitor that accidentally loses a spaceship’s cargo that came careening down to earth. It’s up to Zak to clean up the mess, which is very convenient if you just so happen to be a janitor.

As a game, Flyhunter Origins is a straightforward action platform title. Levels offer a variety of colorful nature environments, indicating the bug theme.

Zak is also equipped with a few tools, such as a flyswatter, which is pretty odd as the janitor is barely bigger than a bug. With a jetpack, however, Zak can also pull off some heroic stunts, which exceed just doing the periodic double jump.

In the short clip, we get to see a racing level, viewed from the back of Zak, which sort of links to games like Crash Bandicoot. Then again, since there’s also a brief moment where a targeting reticle comes up, maybe it’s more like Space Harrier? Either way; it’s not just platform elements.

Flyhunter Origins will be published by Ripstone, who previously also handled Stick It To the Man.