Enjoy One More Wildstar Feature Hype Reel Until Launch

It’s almost the time for massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Wildstar to make its debut as a release product and that comes with a nice recap of its features. In the recent trailer put out by the upcoming game, we get to see the many, many things that should make it appealing.

One of the most basic yet vital parts of Wildstar is its movement and how it affects combat. Players need to position themselves and aim within an area of effect to hit opponents, making battles a lot more technical than the clicking variety of MMO titles.

When not in perpetual duel with monsters and machines, Wildstar also offers extensive housing customization, which even grants a few bonuses, such as the ability to slowly gain experience. There are a lot of different items available. Hell, there’s even a Ferris wheel.

Mounts are also different in this MMO. Instead of the choice between a horse or a flying horse, how about driving a tricked out bike or a translucent sphere?

For competitive action, the player versus player (PvP) element allows 40 versus 40 events, with huge customizable fortresses as a base. It’s even possible to level solely on PvP sections.

For regular events, you can either bond together in the Caretaker’s tough simulations or participate in large dungeons. Its pinnacle of adventuring is its raids element, which offers a series of gigantic bosses and trapped rooms.

Wildstar promises even more than that and shows off a live hoverboard to top it off. And the best part is that the head start is just around the corner, launching on May 31, 2014.

Is that enough to get you excited about Wildstar? Let us know in the comments.