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EA Hints At PvZ Garden Warfare For PlayStation

Microsoft fans who thought they were always going to have an edge over Sony when it came to Plants vs. Zombies might end up being disappointed.

Recent tweets from EA, publishers of the franchise hint that a PlayStation version of the latest installment in the franchise might be coming soon.

The tweets show parody images of popular Sony brands, Sly Cooper and Fat Princess, after getting the PvZ treatment.

Plants Vs. Zombies, the recent title in the franchise wasn’t always going to stay exclusive though. Following the Xbox 360 and Xbox One release, developers PopCap studios had been working on a PC version as well as “other platforms”

There is no other detail available from EA yet besides these tweets but as seen above, “It’s time for an announcement” so fans can expect something around E3 2014.

PvZ: Garden Warfare is a multiplayer third person shooter involving tower defense elements as well. The game was released for Xbox 360 and Xbox One in February 2014 and is set to launch for PC in June.