Bethesda Reveals BattleCry, An Upcoming F2P Multiplayer Title

Bethesda’s BattleCry Studios recently revealed their upcoming 32 player free to play multiplayer game titled BattleCry. The game will be from a third-person perspective and features visuals from Dishonored and Half Life 2’s Viktor Antonov.

The game, although not set in medieval times revolves around the use of swords, daggers and bows to settle disputes between countries in War Zones.

The action is set to feel familiar to players and involves multiple classes such as giant sword wielding tanks or snipers armed with bows. Support healers and melee brawlers are also in the works.

Like most free to play titles out in the market, the game will also involve micro transactions, although what kind of content will be hidden behind the paywall is still unknown.

BattleCry is set to be released sometime in 2015 with the beta tentatively planned for early 2015.

More details about the game are expected to be revealed during E3 2014.

BattleCry Studios was created by ZeniMax Media in 2012 and is headed by Rich Vogel, whose work includes Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies as well as serving as Executive Producer for Star Wars The Old Republic.