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Battlefield Hardline Gameplay Footage Highlights Multiplayer

Gamekult has released a new video on their Dailymotion page for the upcoming Battlefield Hardline involving gameplay footage from PS4.

Following the recent confirmation from Visceral, the next installment in the Battlefield franchise takes place in an urban environment with players taking over the roles of cops or robbers.

The video highlights a lot of features available in the game as well as many new game modes and an even more destructive environment than before.

Some of the new game modes are detailed below:

Heist mode
Robbers have to get inside a bank vault and escape with their acquired loot while cops are blocking their escape.

Rescue mode
Somewhat of a co-op mode, SWAT players have to rescue hostages.

Seemingly a vehicle only mode where cops chase escaping robbers throughout the maps in a variety of vehicles.

Both teams fight to take control of a large pile of cash.

The Singleplayer campaign takes hints from various cop dramas and involves power players and corrupt cops looking for quick and easy money.

The game also includes military-grade hardware as seen in previous titles as well as some new weapons fitting the game’s fiction such as sawed-off shotguns and tasers.

The huge gadget arsenal available to players in Multiplayer include ziplines and grappling hooks, allowing for easier climbing and movement.

Vehicles available this time are more suited to the urban environment such as SWAT trucks, fast muscle cars and heavy bikes.

Battlefield Hardline (code named Omaha) is being developed by Visceral Games and will be released this year sometime in Fall. More details about the game will be shown at E3 2014 on June 9th.