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Battlefield 4 Battlepacks Can Now be Purchased, Who is Spending?

Fans who have too much money on their hands but not enough time can now acquire Battlefield 4 Battlepacks via microtransactions in Battlefield 4.

Battlepacks are in-game bundles which contain items like Emblems for Battlelog, Profile Pictures, Dog Tags, Accessories, knives, Paints for Weapons and Vehicles as well as XP boosts.

Whilst these can still be acquired via normal gameplay progression, players now have the options of acquiring any of the three available Battlepacks. The items in the Battlepacks vary based on its tier.

The Bronze Battlepack contains three items; two of which are standard items whilst the third has a chance of being an advanced item. Likewise the Silver Battlepack has better/rarer items than Bronze Battlepack and the Gold Battlepack has better/rarer items than the Silver Battlepack.

The purchasable Battlepacks include the same Bronze, Silver and Gold Battlepack. The Bronze Battlepack costs $1, Silver costs $2 and the Gold Battlepack costs $3. EA states that the point of selling the Battlepacks is to give players a shortcut to catch up to their high-tier friends in the game. The Battlepacks can be purchased from the site/software Origin,, In-Game Store, Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Network.

In the game, the player is awarded a Battlepack starting from level 3 through level 5,7,10 and higher. Premium Subscribers get access to Premium Items through the Battlepacks.