Xbox One Will Launch In Japan With and Without Kinect

Microsoft has revealed that it will be releasing two versions of Xbox One in Japan, one bundled with Kinect sensor while the other without it.

Console version with Kinect will cost 49,980 Yen, while Xbox One without Kinect will cost 39,980 Yen.

Previously, Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox One will make its way to Japan this September and there are a number of developers in the region who are willing to develop new games for the console.

Xbox One launched last year in November in thirteen countries at the price of $499 but after much demand from the fans, the price was reduced to $399 at the cost of Kinect sensor.

So far, Xbox One has sold over 5 Million units across thirteen markets and these numbers will surely rise after the release of console, worldwide.

If this is any indication, fans should be happy that Microsoft is listening to feedback and making changes to the console accordingly.

The upcoming update is a direct response to fans who demanded External Storage and Real Names and they will finally get them, come June.