State of Decay Lifeline DLC Gets a Trailer, It’s All About Survival

Undead Labs has released a new trailer for Lifeline, the second DLC for their Zombie Apocalypse stealth-survival horror title State of Decay.

The DLC takes place during the first few days of the outbreak in Fairfield’s neighbouring city Danforth. It centers around Greyhound One, a military squad tasked with finding survivors during the Zombie Apocalypse.

The game focuses on the player rescuing high value survivors as well as defending the base from the undead onslaught using traps, special tactics and more.

The new DLC will add 40 new weapons and maintaining weapons will now be a lot easier with the new Field Workshop which will enable players to maintain their weapons in exchange for materials.

The Field Workshop can be upgraded to Ammunition Shop which will enable the player to craft specific ammunition out of the raw ammunition resource. Gathering resources will also become easier in Lifeline. Players will be able to call in choppers to bring them ammunition, guns or materials to use.

State of Decay received positive reviews during launch and its success encouraged Undead Labs to release a PC version. The game has sold over one million copies last year. Currently, Undead Labs plans on releasing a Zombie Apocalypse MMORPG on the Xbox One.