Shadows: Heretics Kingdoms States Lack Of RPG Innovation

Publisher bitComposer Games has announced that Shadows: Heretics Kingdoms is ready to get on Steam through Early Access. It will arrive on June 13, 2014.

This announcement comes with a short teaser for the roleplaying game (RPG). In it, we get to see some differing classes that you’ll be able to use in the game.

For instance, there is the mandatory melee brute with a whirlwind attack, much like Diablo’s Barbarian. There’s also a female character that wields the power of fire and a more roguish character.

These heroes can be combined within the Devourer, which serves as the protagonist in Shadows: Heretics Kingdoms. This demon has the ability to consume hero souls and manifest them in the real world.

In the Shadow Realm, where the demon resides, you’ll be able to use traits of the heroes to fight with the Devourer itself. Naturally, this leads to unique traits, equipment and so on.

In an additional interview, the developer also mentions their motivation to make Shadows: Heretics Kingdoms, after efforts failed in 2009. They claim there’s a lack of new content in the RPG genre, stating:

I can see quite an absence of innovations. Only a few titles deliver fresh ideas.

They also frame the project as a mix of some RPG classics. Further on in the interview, they continue with saying:

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms is a mix between action RPGs in Diablo style and old-school RPG in Baldur’s Gate style. We want a strong story-based game with unique characters and challenging featuring action combat. Moral choices are an inseparable part of the story.

Upon Steam release, the Early Access version of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms will hold 10 of 50 maps, along with the first boss fights and one of the game’s protagonists. Things like voices and a crafting system will be added later.