Nintendo Japan Announces Affiliate Program With Youtube

Nintendo japan has announced its plans to launch an affiliate program with Youtube. Originally announced on Nintendo Japan’s twitter, the translated tweets highlight their plans for this joint venture.

According to the tweets, Nintendo has tagging videos with its content to display the company’s adverts. Nintendo is also planning to allow content producers to have permission to use Nintendo game footage while the ad revenue will be distributed by Nintendo and Google to the content channel.

More details as to how exactly this process will work will be revealed soon, but it seems this process might have multiple tiers in royalty agreements.

More details will be available soon from official sources, but it looks like Nintendo is trying to create a new revenue stream from Youtube through videos showing its content. This move by Nintendo started a controversy last year as well.

It is still possible that content creators might feel underpaid given how a portion of the revenue will be going to Nintendo and could result in some channels deciding not to cover Nintendo’s games and instead go for content where all the revenue can be retained.

It’s also unclear whether such a program will be utilized wholesale across videos uploaded from Mario Kart TV in Mario Kart 8, for example.

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