New Screenshots Of The Evil Within Showcase The Creepiness That Awaits Players

New The Evil Within screenshots have emerged highlighting a lot of creepy and gory stuff players can expect in the game.

The survival horror game directed by ‘Resident Evil’ creator Shinji Mikami will be available to play on 26th August on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

In The Evil Within, you take control of Detective Sebastian Castellanos who comes to a crime scene with his partners Joseph Oda and Julie “Kid” Kidman only to realize that there is something more gruesome going on at the place than he expected.

Last week, Bethesda released a series of concept art for the game shedding light on a few locations players will be visiting in their play through of this third person title.

Gameplay revolves around finding weapons and supplies in order to survive and overcome different situations the game will throw your way.

The gameplay impressions from multiple sources suggest that game lacks the grip of a survival horror game but still is a lot of fun to play especially for the fans of long running Capcom’s Resident Evil series.

However, that hasn’t dampened the spirits of horror genre fans, who have been waiting eagerly for the game to release ever since its announcement last year, hoping that this will be the title to save the dying survival horror genre.