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Gears of War Xbox One Director Talks Plans To Keep Fans Connected

Gears of War for Xbox One is happening, that’s for certain but it is shrouded in mystery and according to Rod Fergusson head of the new developers Black Tusk Studios it is essential to maintain this mystery.

Fergusson had also previously stated that the next Gears of War could be taking hints from Halo 4 (which received a lot of criticism due to its multiplayer and relatively constricted campaign) but the core experience which the fans love will not be tampered with.

“You actually have to betray them enough to give them something new and surprising but not so much that they disconnect, and I think that is a big thing that we have to focus on,” Fergusson said.

The developers believe in bringing something new and refreshing to the table while not changing the formula too much which might result in players not even recognizing their beloved franchise.

Fergusson mentions how he keeps discussing with his development team about what stuff to leave untouched and what opportunities they have available to innovate the experience and practically “knock out of the park”

Fans of the franchise still have many questions regarding the upcoming game. Will the Locusts be returning? Is Marcus Fenix still the main protagonist in the series? And so forth.

What major changes would you like to see in the next Gears of War title and what do you think should stay as it has from the start?

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