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Battlefield: Hardline Allegedly Outed In Asset Leak

Battlefield Hardline

There’s a leak going around, stating that Battlefield: Hardline would be the pegged title for the next game in the successful EA franchise. This has been spotted and collected by NeoGAF users over the course of the day.

Battlefield: Hardline, abbreviated as BFH, would be the definitive name for what was formerly holding the codename Battlefield Havana. This leak came with icon depictions for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, indicating a game coming to both generations.

More importantly, Battlefield: Hardline would exit the more military theme and take its urban warfare to the next level with a police-themed shooter. So far, four possible classes or loadouts have been spotted, called Enforcer, Mastermind, Technician, and Professional.

These types could additionally be fitted with more crime-oriented items. Designs have been spotted picturing blowtorches and grappling hooks, along with other things.

Further images would contain imagery pointing towards money bags and handcuffs, further noting a crime theme. Teams can possibly be divided between SWAT and Thieves and missions would opt for a similar approach with names like Heist and Blood Money.

Another item, called VIsceralskull, could point to developer Visceral Games of the Dead Space name.  They would be leading the project, instead of DICE.

Though it’s not confirmed, a sizable leak like this will probably have some sort of announcement in its trail. Currently, it sounds like Battlefield: Hardline would take the city battles from Battlefield 4 and lend heavily from the highly successful Payday series.

Grand Theft Auto V also had elaborate heists, so it looks like that’s currently the hot topic. We wouldn’t complain about that.