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Xbox One External Hard Drive Improves Loading Times, Claims Beta Tester

Microsoft announced few days back that the upcoming update for the Xbox One will allow users to utilize the external hard disk with their console.

Now, the update has started to roll out for the beta testers and one of them has come up with a claim that external hard drive is reducing the load times of the games.

The beta tester for the upcoming update shared on NeoGAF that since downloading the update and switching to external hard drive, the load times of games like Forza 5 and Ryse: Son of Rome have been reduced.

He timed the loading of Ryse: Son of Rome on both the internal and external hard disk and came up with the following result.

For the game, I am using the beginning of Chapter 4 titled “Trial by Fire”.

Trial by Fire Load time using Internal HDD: 1.01.55 (one minute, 1.55 seconds)

Trial by Fire Load time using External HDD: 44.49 seconds

This revelation is a good news for all those who find it annoying to wait for the games to load for relatively longer periods of time. A 15-20 second reduction is significant and hopefully, it is a sign of better things to come.

After the beta tests will be complete, Microsoft will release the update for all the Xbox One users next month.

You can read about more features that will the part of upcoming update here.