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Sony Is Planning To Launch Playstation 4 In China

Following Microsoft’s footsteps, it seems like Sony is also looking to expand its market in the Far East by making its way to the People’s Republic of China.

Sony announced today that they will be launching their new console, PlayStation 4 in China in collaboration with Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development (OPCD).

Sony and OPCD partnership will form two new companies: Sony Computer Entertainment (Shanghai) and Shanghai Oriental Pearl Sony Computer Entertainment Culture Development.

SCE will be managing the manufacturing and sales of the consoles while the other will be responsible for service, sales, distribution, and research and development of the PlayStation software.

Sony China will own about 70 percent of the stock when it comes to SCE Shanghai but only around 49% of the second company which means OPCD will be the main in charge when it comes to the software side as well as the distribution.

This news might excite a lot of Chinese gamers and PlayStation fans, but it will be interesting to see just how much of the content is available to them given China’s strict content laws.

Games that include gambling-related content, anything that violates China’s constitution and anything that harms China’s reputation, security and interests are not allowed in the country.

Every content will have to be first approved the authorities before it can be sold in the region.

Is Sony under pressure after the announcement from Microsoft about the Kinect less Xbox One bundle and the launch of Xbox One in China after a 13 year ban on all consoles was lifted?

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