Second Life Gets Early Stage Oculus Rift Support

It’s been almost a year since Linden Lab first announced they would be adding Oculus Rift support to their highly successful virtual world, Second Life. Well the first step towards that goal has finally be achieved via Project Viewer.

The Project Viewer allows players to see through the eyes of their Second Life avatars, although the UI is still being tailored to better facilitate the experience, this is a huge step as far as the future of Oculus Rift is concerned in this game.

“A few weeks ago, we began a limited beta test of a version of the Second Life Viewer that makes it easy to use an Oculus Rift headset with Second Life for a fully immersive, VR experience” said the studio in a recent blog post.

The Project Viewer features:

  • Full Oculus Rift Hardware Support – includes automatic hardware detection and display calibration for quick and easy setup.
  • Full UI Support – users can access the entire Second Life UI and HUDs while in Oculus Rift mode, so there are no limitations on what a user can do inworld while using the headset.
  • Customizable UI – users can tailor the settings for Oculus Rift mode that work best for their needs.
  • Avatar Head Motion – Oculus Rift head-tracking data is mapped to the avatar, so users’ avatars look where they do.

The developers have also released a video to help players with setting up the system. You can watch it above and do let us know what do you think about Oculus integration in Second Life.